All of our trainers have been trained in fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Matt Angelucci

CF-L1 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Certified

In his free time, Matt enjoys taking long walks up mountains and rolling around in the mud. When he is not roaming around hillsides, he can be found using his 6+ years of CrossFit experience to help clients achieve new levels of fitness. 


Gregory Coleman

Head Programmer, RockPile CrossFit
MS, BS in Exercise Science CSCS - NSCA, USAW-L1 CrossFit Level 2- Trainer USATF-L1

As a former collegiate Track and Field athlete and student of the exercise sciences for the past decade, Greg is always looking for ways to improve his own level of health and fitness. He always strives to help others learn and understand new movements in the gym and concepts in health, fitness, and strength and conditioning. During the day, Greg looks at cardiac rhythms pretty much non-stop. Forgive his sometimes nerdy comments regarding physiology.


Madeline Reale

CF-L1 Trainer

As a washed up collegiate athlete, Madeline has a passion for applying her experience to helping you achieve your personal goals. Don't mind her inner competitiveness, it comes naturally and unannounced.


Lauren Dunaway

Coach - RP-Fit Bootcamp, RockPile CrossFit
Physical Therapist

Lauren is our resident influencer, physical therapy guru, and sometimes known as Miles and Muscles. If you can’t find Lauren crushing workouts at RockPile, its likely she’s running the roads of Western New York or chasing around her CrossFit kid!


Carmen Reale

CF-L1 Trainer

With over 7 years of CrossFit experience, Carmen enjoys learning and developing both as a Coach and as an athlete. Outside of CrossFit, he can be found rescuing your lost puppies or putting together some type of spreadsheet.